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Hello and welcome to to our CNC communications site where you will find information needed to be informed on technology related to CNC machine communication systems..

First a little about us. We have been in the industrial communications industry since 1998 serving the manufacturing industry specializing in CNC communication solutions. We started out filling the need of simple file transfers from computer networks to CNC machinery and have since grown with the new technologies and growing needs of manufacturers. Today this need has far outgrown the simple file transfer stage and has blossomed into many other related realms, for example, drip feeding programs as more manufacturers delve into 3D programming, the use of barcode scanners in the shop environment, the need to monitor machine operations, tracking of parts, tools and fixtures as well as personnel connectivity and resource tracking. As we move into the wireless age the possibilities are endless.

DNC Technologies

Wired DNC Systems

DNC Hardware
Wired hardware has come a long way, for example, we can now convert Ethernet to RS232 serial by placing a single port Ethernet to serial converter at the machine or the use of Ethernet serial hubs with many serial ports strategically placed throughout the shop floor. These devices are needed to increase the cable length as standard RS232 has a limit of 50 feet.

DNC Software
The DNC software has also come a long way from the days of single computer to single machine. Today's DNC software gives us the ability of sending, receiving and drip feeding all the machines at the same time. In addition, we can setup a DNC network using a DNC server and clients which allows us to communicate to any machine from any computer on the network. With a DNC network in place, we can remotely request programs at the machine control requiring no computer use by the operators who also have the ability to automatically name and save programs sent from the control. If we add barcode scanners to the system we make it easer and much faster to request programs... Scan----Beep---Read, that's it! The key here is time savings. DNC software also gives us a base needed for Machine Tool Monitoring.

Wireless DNC Systems

WirelessCNC Network Image

Hats off to those that pioneered and perfected Wireless CNC technologies!

We now have the ability to communicate with CNC machines without wires. How is this done you ask? Simply put, we convert RS232 communications to 802.11 (The Wireless Protocol) similar to the above mentioned RS232 to Ethernet . This gives us all of the abilities of a wired DNC system plus some other advantages. Some of the added advantages are no ugly cables, the ability to seamlessly move the machines around and reconfigure machine cells, connect other wireless enabled devices (PDA's, laptops and wireless barcode scanners) and connectivity within or between buildings. As with the above wired DNC system we now have the needed base for Machine Tool Monitoring.

As of this writing, RFID technologies are being tested and developed for the manufacturer.

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Our Services

Services We Offer

    DNC System Services
  • Design, Integration, Installation, and support for CNC communications systems.
  • Troubleshooting and add-ons to existing wired or wireless CNC communication systems.
  • Supply and installation of Wireless CNC communication systems.
  • Supply and installation of Comtrol, digi and other multi-port serial cards for wired systems.
  • Supply and installation of Ethernet Serial Hubs (Ethernet to RS232 devices).
  • Supply and installation of BTR (Behind The Tape Reader) devices.
  • Supply and installation of DNC software, we have experience with most of the DNC software titles.
  • Supply and installation of barcode scanners.
  • Design, integration, installation, and support of Machine Tool Monitoring systems.
  • Consulting services include design, integration, implementation and security of DNC communication solutions.

We provide complete installations from small to large. We can get your CNC communication system up and running quickly and problem free.

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